MAG Preformance

MAG Performance

Powerful Melting Performance

Ice melting performance is measured not only by the speed of the melting action but also by the quantity of brine produced per unit of ice melter used. MAG® freezes (a 22% solution) at -27°F(-33°C) and melts effectively down to -15°F (-26°C) - well below most other ice melters.

The following graph compares the ice melting performance of MAG®, calcium chloride and sodium chloride.

Powerful Melting Performance

Gentler On You - Harder On Ice

Whether for use in a large industrial facility or at home, MAG®'s proven performance makes it your best choice. MAG® is safer on concrete. Tests conducted by the Strategic Highway Research Program in Washington DC show 26 times less spalling when MAG® was used in its experiments.

The principal characteristics of MAG® compared to calcium chloride and sodium chloride are shown in the following chart.