Environmentally Safer

Environmentally Safer

Safer for the Environment

Magnesium Chloride is the first choice for ice and snow melt products because it's effective and it has the least amount of impact on the environment.

From Nature ... For Nature

Magnesium chloride has long been considered a "life-giving" material.
For thousands of years, people bathing in the Dead Sea have benefited from the therapeutic benefits of magnesium.

On a pound-for-pound basis, MAG® is the low chloride alternative when choosing an ice melter.

MAG® is safer to use around vegetation. In fact, a form of MAG® is used as a common ingredient in some fertilizers. Using MAG® as directed keeps green areas healthier.

When performance, safety, and protecting the environment are your top priorities during  the winter snow season, MAG® is your perfect solution.