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Dead Sea Works LTD (DSW), part of the ICL group, is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of minerals extracted from the Dead Sea. Various grades of magnesium chloride, potash, sodium chloride and bromine are produced and distributed throughout the world. The products are used in a variety of industries, from fertilizer and chemicals to food and cosmetics in a multitude of applications.

Our Products

Our products and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly so we can sincerely say we are helping nature offer her riches in a natural and healthy way. The Dead Sea Works is the recipient of an International Standards Organization (ISO's) 9001 certificate, 14,001 certificate and 18,001 certificate signifying conformance to the highest quality,safety and environmental requirements.

Our Commitment

Dead Sea Works shares the commitment of all of ICL Fertilizer businesses to environmental responsibility. The company makes substantial investments in pursuit of ecological excellence, such as the widespread use of solar energy and preservation of the irreplaceable Dead Sea ecosystem.

MAG® Ice Melt is one of many naturally effective and environmentally responsible products produced by the Dead Sea Works.